Retail Innovation: Learn How Local Retailers are Breaking Pre-Pandemic Revenue Marks


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The COVID shutdown in 2020 forced all retailers to accelerate changes to a WIDE variety of new technologies and service models. We uncovered some of the best resources for retailers to focus their limited bandwidth to win and capture new market share.

Innovation does not equal new tech for tech’s sake… Instead of latching onto each and every, shiny new tech rollout or social trend, retailers need to key in on transformational activities that solve a key problem in their business. Join our panel of retail experts as we identify the essential innovations from 2020 that are moving the revenue needle and building a solid foundation for 2021 and beyond.

Meet Our Panel

At Management One, we are fortunate to have a healthy network of partners to offer valuable industry insights and we've assembled the perfect team for this discussion.

Nick McHenry



Melodie van der Baan


CEO / Co-Founder

Jody Stoehr

Chief Revenue Officer

Christine Russo

Retail Creative & Consulting Agency


Dane Cohen

Management One

Business Development

March 23rd, 2021

  10:00 AM PT // 1:00 PM ET

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How has YOUR business adapted to the changed retail landscape in 2021?  The shift in consumer behavior during this pandemic requires a renewed emphasis on customer connection, experience and loyalty. Join our panel of experts during a live, retail roundtable discussion as we unpack innovative strategies that are working for local retailers looking to forge ahead in 2021.

 This was a LIVE SESSION and attendees were asked to bring their questions or personal victories for the panel to address. For those unable to attend the live session, register today and receive your free recording to view with your team on your own schedule.

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2020 rocked the retail community and these free sessions are designed to address unique concerns universally shared by independent retailers. Our prime objective here is to educate and energize retailers in these uncertain times. We want you to use the information in this webinar as a catalyst for ideas that are relevant to YOUR specific business.